Thrive Academy Platinum

Thrive Academy Platinum is the premiere program for Coaches and Holistic Practitioners who want to make $10,000 (or more) each month without burning out.

If you look at the rising Transformational Leaders of today, you’ll find that many of them made their first six figures within one year of participating in Thrive Academy Platinum.

It’s like an MBA for Coaches and Holistic Practitioners (without the MBA price tag).

Platinum is made up of our four core programs: Client Attraction Mastery, Get Leverage, Six Figure Speaker, and our Transformational Leadership Certification Program:

Client_Atraction_MasteryIf your work contributes to the lives of others, but you never seem to have enough clients, it can be extremely discouraging. Not only does your heart ache because you’re not fully giving your gifts, you also don’t get paid well enough, and may end up struggling just to make ends meet. The only way to end this struggle is to master the art of client attraction. Once you master this skill, you never have to worry about clients or money again. READ MORE
Get_LeverageWhether you’re just starting your business or you’ve been seeing clients for years, trading your time for dollars is the sure path to burnout. It means only getting paid when you are working hard. And no matter how many clients you squeeze into your week, there will always be a limit to the money and impact you make. The key to having freedom and living life on your terms is to get leverage. When you have leverage, you can help more people (and earn more money) while working less. READ MORE
Six_Figure_SpeakerSpeaking to groups and leading workshops is the fastest, easiest, and most exciting way to make six figures. It’s also the most fulfilling way to change the world. Whether you’re a seasoned speaker or just getting started, it’s possible to get to six figures VERY quickly (even if you’re an introvert, terrified of speaking to groups, or have no idea what you would say yet). Many of our graduates have followed our step-by-step system to have their first six figure year (and some have even earned six figures in just one weekend). READ MORE
Some people know it’s their mission in life to make a HUGE difference in the world, but without leadership skills, their powerful vision will remain only a dream. This can be devastating, both emotionally and financially, because a part of you dies when you are not fulfilling your soul’s purpose. Fortunately, leadership is a learned skill. And as you step into your leadership, you’ll attract the perfect people to help you transform the world (without all the struggle and effort that comes from trying to do it all alone). READ MORE