Giving Back

The old paradigm of big business is to make a fortune and then donate to charities as a way of getting tax write-offs and appeasing the guilt of unethical business practices.

The new paradigm of conscious business is: “Our success benefits the whole planet.”

Here are three ways this principle plays out at Thrive Academy:

Over $6,000,000 in Full Scholarships have been awarded to the Client Attraction Summit (formerly called the “Rejuvenate Your Practice 2-Day Intensive").

Most people meet us for the first time when they attend our Client Attraction Summit. While some have gladly paid us $1,000 to attend this life-changing event, most people are awarded a full scholarship to the Summit.

We’ve given thousands of Full Scholarships to people who are highly committed to contribute more deeply to the lives of others. This means that regardless of income level, anyone can attend our weekend at no cost. In fact, we have gifted over $6,000,000 in Full Scholarships to this life-changing weekend.

I Want a Full Scholarship

Contributing over $58,000 in microfinance loans worldwide.


We also believe in the Huna expression, “Bless that which you want.”

Like you, we want our business to thrive, and so we have chosen to support a cause called Over the last several years, we’ve given thousands of loans to third world entrepreneurs, who make an average of $1-$2 per day.

They use these loans to invest in their business. Muhammed Unis (considered the father of micro-lending), said that over 50% of the people who receive microloans are able to lift themselves above the poverty line.

You can check out our community page here:

Adopting a Village through the Unstoppable Foundation


And we couldn’t stop there. We got inspired by Cynthia Kersey’s Adopt a Village campaign and decided to adopt a village in Africa, where just $25,000 built a schoolhouse, provides clean water and medical services, teaches sustainable organic farming to the community, and teaches the parents how to earn a sustainable living. This cause is near and dear to our hearts. You can read more about the Adopt a Village Program here.

At Thrive Academy, we are committed to giving back so that our success creates more success for
the entire planet.