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featured-post-June18It happens to most coaches and holistic practitioners when they first learn they need a niche. They have lots of reasons they don’t want to choose one...

Or they understand that it’s important to choose a niche, but have no idea where to start.

If you think you’re still in a “Niche Crisis,” then you’ll love today’s blog post.

I wanted to shine a little light on this topic because Niche is something I’ve seen discussed and debated in the coaching and holistic practitioner space for over 10 years and there is often quite a bit of angst around it.

Now if you already have a niche that lights you up, then don’t read this article and second-guess yourself.

But if you’re still in a “Niche Crisis,” do any of the following frustrations apply to you?

  • You’re afraid that a niche is going to “limit” you
  • You have this burning desire to help as many people as possible and don’t want to “turn anyone away”
  • You question whether your chosen niche is “the one” and are afraid to commit to it 100%

If you’re answer is Yes, Sharla and I completely understand...

First of all, we see a high percentage of participants at our Client Attraction Summit start out with the same challenges, questions, fears and doubts around niche. It’s a VERY common struggle.

Our Journey to Finding Our Niche

Back in the day when Sharla first started her acupuncture business, she resisted picking a niche for a long time.

You see, Sharla’s heart is so big, that she wanted to help EVERYONE. In fact, the rigorous training she went through to get her acupuncture license set her up to believe she could help anyone with ANYTHING.

So whenever the next well­ meaning person suggested that choosing a niche would help her get more clients, she just felt frustrated. But the more she resisted getting specific about who she helped, the longer she stayed stuck in her business, getting only a few clients here and there.

Even though the clients she did work with loved their time with her, they never sent her any referrals which made her even more confused and disappointed.

Can you relate?

When we finally discovered that choosing a niche actually allows you to serve even more clients rather than limiting them because now you are attracting “your people” to you, everything fell into place.

So, Sharla chose the niche of helping Professional Women lead a much more fulfilling and amazing life.

Even though this niche was still vague, it was more specific than “I help anyone with any problem.”

It was no coincidence that Sharla started getting tons of referrals because her professional women clients happily referred other professional women (because they knew who to refer and had lots of friends who were also professional women).

Suddenly, Sharla knew exactly how to talk about what she did and started getting major downloads for home study courses and high-end group programs for her people.

Months later, she discovered that her true calling was to help not just any professional women, but Coaches and Holistic Practitioners. And she discovered that she had a real gift in helping her clients attract more clients and make more money.

As a synchronicity, I was going on my own niche journey: from working with teens to college students to depressed people, to Coaches and Holistic Practitioners.

In 2005, we joined forces to help Coaches and Holistic Practitioners get more clients. That year, we made $175,000. Since then, we’ve been fortunate enough to help over 25,000 people and make millions of dollars.

The last ten years have shown us, firsthand, that choosing a niche you feel aligned with, that gets you excited and taps into a specific problem you solve for a specific group of people is the fastest way to get clients.

A clear, inspiring niche generates word-of-mouth referrals, builds recognition in your area of expertise, and increases the demand for introductory consultations.

That’s why it’s important you choose one.

At the same time, we know it’s one of the hardest decisions you might make in your business.

Take this case study from one of our Client Attraction Mastery students...

Inspiring Niche Case Study

Carol Benson is a relationship coach who had been struggling with her niche for more than a year when she came to us. During the program, she realized that she’d been in the habit of “niche” due to self­doubt and a scarcity mindset.

When something didn’t work right off the bat, instead of being curious and testing the waters, she would completely switch to another niche. And then maybe she didn’t feel fully aligned with that one, so she would switch to something else. And on and on and on.

Suddenly on the second day of our event, she had a breakthrough and was able to put her finger on just ONE of the key problems she sees her potential clients struggle with, and whoosh...everything fell into place for her.

All of the language for how to explain who she works with and how she helps them just downloaded into her brain. She knew how to tie in her background and expertise, the talks she could deliver at live events, the tools she could create to help clients succeed. Suddenly it all seemed so clear and EASY.

The funny thing is, she had already written a whole book on the topic but she had abandoned it when she moved on to something else in another niche switch. Clearly she was passionate enough about the subject to write and publish a book, but somewhere down the line she began to doubt herself.

Can you relate to this story?

Three Tips on How to Choose Your Inspiring Niche

#1: Ask yourself empowering “niche choosing questions.”

Eben Pagan talks about four mega-niches: Health, Beauty, Money and Relationships. Within each of these mega-niches are smaller niches. For example, within the Relationship niche is helping Single Women find their soulmate, helping couples get their spark back, and several others.

Usually, we find that finding a niche is as simple as looking in the mirror. Often, the best niche comes from asking yourself, ”Who am I and what have I overcome in my life (that I’d like to help others overcome)?”

Sometimes when you do a lot of niche switching it’s because you doubt what’s already in front of you. It might seem too obvious or too simple and like it can’t possibly be a viable niche. Once you get clear about a possible problem area you can help people solve, it’s a great idea to ask the following 3 Empowering Niche Questions. They will help give you clarity as to whether this is a good niche for you.

  1. When people come to me, asking for help in this area, do I get excited?
  2. Would helping people get results in this area be fulfilling for me? 
  3. Is this an area I want to master or heal in my own life (if you don’t already have mastery with it)?

If you get 3 Yeses, you are well on your path to discovering a great niche.

#2: Have the courage to claim your niche, even if you’re just trying it on for size. 

If you don’t fully commit to a niche, it can cause you to show up in a lukewarm way so that even potential clients sense your hesitation and doubt.

When you try on a niche, even if it’s just in that immediate moment when you’re talking to someone, claim it 100% and watch what happens. How does the listener react? How do you feel when you say it? What feels right? What doesn’t quite resonate with you? Be curious and gentle with yourself here. You don’t have to marry the first niche that comes along but at least embrace it fully before you decide to release it.

#3: You don’t have to master your niche to claim it.

If you feel unsure about your chosen niche because it’s related to a problem or challenge that you feel you haven’t completely mastered yourself yet, remember that you only have to be two steps ahead of your clients.

In fact, very often clients will feel more at ease with you if they know you have been through something similar and that you know what it feels like to be in their shoes.

Most of all, be kind to yourself and have fun with it. The right niche should bring you joy and won’t feel like work. Continue to explore and open yourself up to possibility.

Post a comment below and ask a question or share a story.

Sometimes just shining a light on a topic like this can lead to a breakthrough moment.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.