Two Types of Visions that Magnetize Your Ideal Clients

When you have an inspiring vision that pulls you forward, it’s easier to attract clients. Discover how to create YOUR Vision.

When Sage Lavine first came to Thrive Academy, she was struggling in her private coaching practice. She had only two clients and a lot of heart and desire to make a difference.

At first, she just wanted a simple business–a private practice filled with clients she loved.

As she built her practice and figured out what worked to attract and enroll her people, her vision started to grow.

She wanted to become a Transformational Leader where she led women’s retreats and helped women all over the world.

She wanted to earn so much money that she could buy a home by the beach AND make philanthropy a cornerstone of her business.

Fast forward to today…

Sage has made millions of dollars in her coaching business. She’s led retreats by the beach for hundreds of women, her work reaches a global audience. She’s raised over $500,000 to date to support women all over the world. And she bought that beach house she dreamed of.

That’s the power of having a compelling vision. It inspires you and pulls you forward so that you achieve things you didn’t think were possible before.

In this article, you’ll discover two types of visions that will magnetize new clients toward you and the internal shifts you must make if you want to achieve your Vision.

The Two Types of Vision

A compelling vision calls you forth and makes it easier for you to build your business. Rather than being motivated by the pain of not having a lot of clients, it’s about creating a source of inspiration that calls to you.

Dr. Reverend Michael Beckwith may have put it best when he said:

“Pain Pushes until Vision Pulls.”

Perhaps it’s the pain that’s pushing you right now.

Maybe you’re worried about paying your bills, and your business isn’t growing as well as you’d hoped. It’s difficult to create an inspiring vision from this state. An inspiring vision is one that places you in a higher vibrational state. And in that state, you become more capable of attracting clients.

We find that most coaches and holistic practitioners have one of two types of vision.

You might have a Vision of having a full private practice. We would call you a 1-on-1 Connector. You value the personal connections that you build with private clients and you love working deeply with people.

Or, you might have a Vision to become a Transformational Leader. If this is you, you want to work with groups of people and want to have a big impact on the planet. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t want to do 1-on-1 work. However, Transformational Leaders usually limit themselves to a small number of high-end private clients.

Take Sage’s Vision, for example. She started as a 1-on-1 Connector. But her Vision grew over time and she stepped into Transformational Leadership.

When it comes to your Vision, it’s 100% personal and it isn’t better to have a bigger Vision. It’s totally up to you. Focus on what you hope to achieve to see which type of leader you want to become.

Connect with Your Vision

Perhaps you already have an inspiring vision that lives inside you. But if you don’t, we have a brief visualization exercise that may help you to connect to yours.

We recommend you record this visualization on your phone and then play it back so you can be fully immersed in it and access your deepest wisdom.

If you can record this and leave space after the questions for you to record your answers, even better. You’ll be amazed at what swells up from beneath the surface.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and connect with your body. Feel your feet on the ground and your body on your chair as you take a moment to relax. Take another deep breath and imagine that your feet start growing deep roots into the ground.

Once grounded, imagine that your spirit can fly free of your body. Picture yourself floating above a timeline that’s directly beneath you. This timeline shows you where you are today and leads towards the most positive version of your future.

Travel along that timeline until you reach five years into the future and float down to get a closer look. Witness yourself at the peak of your success. You’re working with clients who you love, receiving your full rate, and getting great results.

What impact are you having on the world?

Why is this so important to you?

What does your business look like at this point?

How do you feel about this place in time?

Look back towards the past and feel grateful to your present self for investing in you. Allow this feeling to fill every cell of your body with energy and positivity. Then, float above your timeline and go back to one year from today.

Again, envision your business exactly how you want it to be. You’re working with clients that you love and they are getting amazing results.

Ask yourself the same questions that you asked when you were five years into the future.

Smile as you allow the feeling of success to permeate your body. You can see that you’re creating a true impact in the lives of your clients just one year from now.

Finally, travel back to your body in the present time and take one last breath of gratitude as your spirit enters your body. Feel your feet on the ground and the sensation in your body as you come back to the real world.

As you exit the visualization, grab a pen and paper. Write down as much as you can remember from the journey you’ve just undertaken.

You’ve just seen what you want your life and business to become. Through this journey, you’ve established your vision.

Now, your present self can start working towards that vision.

Are You Ready to Start Your Journey?

We hope that this exercise has helped you start to define a clear vision for what you wish to achieve with your business. Perhaps you now see whether you’re a Connector or a Transformational Leader. At the very least, we hope that you have an idea of what your ideal future looks like.

Allow this vision to inspire you, to pull you towards it.

That’s what Sage did. And she now has a business that’s changing the lives of women all over the world.

Imagine what your business could achieve through your vision.

But, creating your vision is just one aspect of attracting your ideal clients.

We invite you to join us in our upcoming live, 3-day Online Client Attraction Summit. We would love to have the opportunity to help you develop the confidence to attract your ideal clients and have them say YES to working with you.

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