How a Stanford-Educated Attorney who Accidentally turned Psychic Gets Clients by Sharing her Story

And How You Can Create Your Own Story to Attract Your Ideal Clients

Most would have looked at a Stanford-educated lawyer like Mellissa Seaman and assume she had the world at her feet. But when she discovered Thrive Academy, she’d just undergone a period of devastating loss.

An economic collapse caused her to lose all of her savings and a business property. And while she still managed to earn barely $2,000/month with her on-the-side shamanic healing practice, it simply wasn’t enough.

What’s worse is that the stress of it all caused her health to deteriorate. Lost in feelings of hopelessness, Mellissa lost her marriage and almost lost herself to desperation. But she says that she’s thankful for it today…

Because that desperation is what inspired her to get serious and take action towards what she really wanted.

With Thrive Academy, she created a new life for herself. As she explained:

“After Client Attraction Mastery, I easily doubled my practice by having Heartselling Conversations. I relaxed into knowing that I now had the tools to literally control how many one-on-one clients I had. Now, I make over $10,000 a month, and I love traveling in my RV whenever I want, living in my beach cottage in San Diego, and shopping stress-free.”

That was at the beginning of her journey with Thrive. Mellissa developed so many client attraction skills that she now has multiple six-figure businesses working with clients she loves. And she is living her dream life on many acres in Nevada City. But perhaps the most powerful was her newfound ability to create deeper connections with her Hero’s Journey story.

In this article, you’ll discover what your “Hero’s Journey Story” is and answers to the most common questions we hear about it.

Why Is Your Story a Major Client Attractor?

Your Hero’s Journey story is simply a short story that details how you overcame the struggle that your clients are facing. In your story, you share both your humanity and expertise in a way that draws in new clients.

This gets people excited about the possibility of working with you.

Think about Mellissa’s struggles. She faced financial challenges and overcame uncertainty on the way to finally creating the life she always wanted.

These challenges are the same challenges many of her potential clients face. And the fact that she can speak directly about those challenges through her story makes her highly attractive to her potential clients.

Humanity and Credibility

We mentioned how your Hero’s Journey Story shares both your humanity and credibility. And this is what Melissa does when she shares her story.
Her humanity comes from the very real challenges that she faced in her life.
Staring financial oblivion in the face, she needed to find a way to transform her life. And she needed to do it for her children’s sake as well as her own. Because these challenges are common to many parents, her story immediately resonates with them to create an instant connection.

But what about her credibility?

Here’s another aspect of her Hero’s Journey story that you should know:

“I’m a former Stanford educated business attorney who accidentally turned psychic while giving birth to my daughter in the year 2000.

Now, I bridge the worlds as an intuitive business strategist. Silicon Valley creative tech company founders, Fortune 500 executives, and visionary entrepreneurs hire me to put words to their most unique and transformative gifts so they can both make sense and make money.”

This is all part of Mellissa’s story, just as her past struggles are. When you combine her struggles with her success, evidenced by who she is working with, she gains massive credibility.

Your story must contain both humanity and credibility, like that of Mellissa’s, to attract your ideal clients. Both are crucial components because your story loses much of its impact if you’re missing either one.

The Most Common Questions About the Hero’s Journey

You’ve got the basic elements of the Hero’s Journey story here. However, it’s likely that you still have many questions about how to create your own story. Let’s tackle some of them here.

The Most Common Questions About the Hero’s Journey

This depends on the context within which you’re sharing your story.

If you’re speaking to somebody 1-on-1, it’s best to limit your story to 1 or 2 minutes. But if you’re sharing your story as part of a talk, webinar, or workshop, feel free to dig deeper into it. Then, expand on your story and create something that’s truly compelling.

Is It Okay to Cry When Describing My Low Point?

As long as you position yourself well before speaking about your low point, it is okay to tear up a little. Genuine emotion creates deeper connections with your audience.

But please note the use of the word “genuine” here. Teaching yourself to cry on cue is not desirable and could lead to your audience disconnecting from you.

At the same time, you must also process your low point before speaking about it. If talking about your challenges causes you to break down, it is perhaps best to do your work to heal before sharing your story publicly.

What If I Don’t Feel Like the Hero of My Story Right Now?

If you feel like you’re still immersed in your struggle, it’s okay. We all struggle at times and none of us is perfect. But as a Transformational Leader, you have the opportunity to view your life through the hero lens.

Always remember that your struggle doesn’t define you.

As a hero or heroine, you will break through these struggles and create an even more powerful story. Remember that being just two steps ahead of your ideal clients can have you still seem like a hero to them.

Become the Hero for Your People

Even if it doesn’t feel like it, you have already embarked on your Hero’s Journey. You may feel embattled and challenged right now, but these points in your life all build to what you will become.

Take Mellissa’s case.

At one point, she couldn’t see a way out of the financial challenges that she faced. But today, she’s running multiple six-figure businesses and lives a life of freedom and joy.

Her story is one of her strongest client attractors.

Yours could be, too.

We would be honored to help you create your Hero’s Journey story so your potential clients get excited to work with you.

We would love to support you by doing a full Client Attraction Assessment, so we can tell you exactly why you’re not attracting enough of your ideal clients and the steps to take to turn this around.

Our Client Attraction Specialists have a limited number of spots available, so apply for a private Plan to Thrive Session today.

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