How a Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Fitness Trainer Transformed from a “Heart Box Poster Child” to Earth Element Master (And How You Can Master the Earth Element Too)

Is your Earth Element out of balance and you’re giving too much away? Find out how to give without giving away the farm so you can get more clients.

When Amy came to Thrive Academy, she was what we call a “DLOS” practitioner This stands for “Does Lots of Stuff” and her range of services shows just what we mean. Because aside from being a reiki practitioner, she worked as a coach, personal trainer, and bodyworker.

That desire to do so much can present challenges of its own. But for Amy, the biggest challenge came from the fact that she was like the poster child for the “Heart Box.” This means that her desire to help others felt so overwhelming that she often gave her expertise away. In giving people free sessions, she believed that they would sign up for more paid ones later.

Unfortunately, that’s not how things worked out for her.

Amy came to us to find out what she needed to change. And it is with us that she discovered that her Earth Element was out of balance. This is what led to her giving too much away for free.

When Amy discovered that her Earth Element was out of balance and instead discovered how to show up in service without giving it all away, she pulled herself out of the Heart box. She went from barely earning $20,000 per year to having a $25,000 month! Now, she’s an amazing Heartseller who has a thriving business.

We imagine you have questions.

What is the Earth Element?

What does it mean when this Element is out of balance?

And what can you do to make sure you’re not giving too much away so you can achieve the same success that Amy now enjoys?

Those are the topics we’ll cover in this article.

What Happens When Your Earth Element Is Out of Balance?

The Earth Element represents your desire to nourish and nurture your clients. When it is out of balance, one of two things can happen.

If your desire to nurture starts to fade away, you start showing up to get something. Often, this happens when you’re struggling to find clients and you really need them so you can pay the bills. As a result, you might show up in conversations with an almost desperate air that can make you come across as salesy.

At the other end of the spectrum, you are where Amy found herself. She was completely stuck in the Heart box, to the point where she gave so much away for free. It was almost like a landslide and she struggled to find clients who would book after giving away the wrong kind of free sessions.

To create balance in your Earth Element, you must no longer show up to get. You must also no longer show up to give everything away to your potential client. Instead, switch your focus completely from selling to serving.

Going from SELL to SERVE

You may have heard us say that “sell” isn’t a 4-letter word.

We invite you to shift your perception and consider that in order to be effective when it comes to attracting and enrolling new clients, we need to shift from it being a 4-letter word (that you want to avoid) to a 5-letter word.

Let’s try spelling it this way: S-E-R-V-E. In understanding this, you will unlock one of the most powerful Elements of Heartselling.

As a Coach or Holistic Practitioner, you must remember that you’re offering a service. The root of that word is to serve and forgetting this may be the reason why you’re finding it difficult to sell. You might find yourself flitting from the Sales box to the Heart box in your conversations, which makes you appear inauthentic.

The good news is that you can find the balance that we spoke of earlier.


Treat your potential clients exactly how you treat your existing clients. Whenever you show up to a potential client, do so with the desire to serve them. Center the conversation around how you can best serve this person who’s in front of you.

Approach Potential Clients in the State of Service

Your next question is likely this:

How do you serve your potential clients without giving it all away?

The answer is to find out if their desired result is something that you can help them achieve.

Many Coaches and Holistic practitioners focus on talking about all of the wonderful things that they can do. But in doing that, they’re not listening to what the potential client needs. Instead, they’re just bombarding the client with information, to the point that the client disengages.

In Heartselling, we relish the opportunity to meet someone new and learn about them. We ask questions to find out what’s happening in their lives and businesses, and what they need support with.

Sometimes, this means we can offer our own services as a solution to the potential client’s challenge. For others, it may mean recommending somebody else.

This is what having your Earth Element in balance truly means. When you show up to serve from the very first moment, you’re nourishing the potential client. You’re listening to them attentively with the aim of determining what they need support with.

How do you determine this need?

It all comes down to asking the right questions. Your questions offer your potential client the chance to express themselves and discover their own desires. Some great examples of what to ask include:

“What projects are you working on?

“How can I support you in that?”

“If I could help you with that, is that something you’d be interested in hearing about?”

“What would most serve you right now?”

Notice that you’re encouraging the potential client to share their issues with all of these questions. And instead of pushing or trying to give them everything, you’re getting to the root of their issue to discover how you can be of service.

Do You Serve or Sell?

Perhaps in reading this, you recognized that you often show up to sell. Or maybe you identify more with Amy and her desire to give everything all at once.

In either case, achieving balance with your Earth Element can help.
And in doing so, you approach your conversations with the intention to serve in any capacity that you can. That’s so you’ll both nurture your potential clients and create opportunities to work together with them at the same time.

However, this is just a single aspect of Heartselling. The Earth Element must align with the other 4 Elements in order for you to become masterful at enrolling new clients.

We’d like the opportunity to show you more. And with that, we shall leave you with an important question…

What do some of the Transformational Leaders of today have in common?

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If you’re looking to attract more clients into your Coaching or Holistic Business and you’re not sure where to start or need an easier way to reach more people faster, we would love to support you.

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