The 3 (and only 3) Ways Potential Clients become Paying Clients (Part 2 of a 3-part series)

The 3 Main Ways People Will Say YES to You.

In our last article, you discovered the 3 Basic Business Models that work for Coaches and Holistic Practitioners. Now it’s time to talk about how you’re going to get a Yes for people to work with you through your package, program or event.

When most Coaches and Holistic Practitioners think about creating a Client Attraction Plan, they get really uncomfortable, because they have NO idea where to begin.

Fortunately, it is simpler than you think.

In today’s article, you’ll discover the 3 (and only 3) ways potential clients say Yes and become paying clients.

Then, you can choose the way (or ways) that best fit your personality and direct all of your Client Attraction Efforts toward having more people move toward your “way.”

When I say there are only 3 ways a potential client becomes a paying client, people usually get suspicious.

So let me explain.

I’m not talking about saying Yes by liking your Facebook Page, or opting in to your email list, for example. I’m talking about when they’re ready to give you their credit card number, write you a check or send payment via Paypal or Venmo.

Let’s think about that moment when somebody goes from potential client to paying client. They previously weren’t ready to hire you, but now they are…

There’s a point of transformation when they went from “Not sure”, “Not ready”, “Not clear” and then they finally became a “Yes” to invest in themselves by saying “Yes” to working with you.

This is the Yes Moment.

This is a really exciting moment! And until you know exactly how that moment happens and the process a potential client goes through to get to that moment, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to Client Attraction.

So let’s get clear about your Yes Moment(s) today.

There are only 3 possible ways a Yes Moment is going to happen.

  1. 1-on-1
  2. Virtual Events
  3. Speaking to Groups


The first and most common way Coaches and Holistic Practitioners get a Yes from potential clients is in a private 1-on-1 conversation.

Our system for the 1-on-1 is called Heartselling™ and it’s specifically during the “Get Clients Free Consultation Formula” that most clients usually say Yes.

When people become masterful with our Heartselling™ System, their potential clients practically talk themselves into working with you if it’s a good match.
Even if you eventually want to get a Yes using Leveraged Online methods or Speaking to Groups, it’s absolutely essential that you don’t skip over gaining mastery in this method…

That’s because without investing the time connecting deeply with your ideal clients, you will never know how to connect deeply with them through the other methods. So in case you were thinking you could skip over the 1-on-1, we HIGHLY recommend you dive deeply into studying and mastering 1-on-1 conversations where you get the Yes Moment.

Virtual Events

The second way you can get a Yes Moment is during a Virtual Event, such as a webinar, teleseminar, or video.

In order to get a Yes Moment from more than one person during a Virtual Event, you must make an invitation or offer for people to work with you.

And there is a very specific way to do this that involves creating your content so it elegantly leads up to your offer. You’ll have to have a sales page where people can sign up, as well as many other moving parts.

If this is the way you want to get that Yes Moment, it can take quite a long time to gain mastery with this strategy. I’ll be honest with you and say that this requires a high level of sophistication with online marketing. Meaning, you have to be a little geeky, or plan to take lots of time in trial and error if you want to be successful.

The good news is that once you put in the time and you understand the basics, this leveraged way of getting lots of Yeses at once is incredible. We recently launched a 7-week course and over 350 people said Yes after watching a video and receiving a series of emails.

You might be wondering, where do I start when this requires so much time, energy and money to get good at virtual events?

Our best recommendation when you’re first starting with virtual events is to make it easy by offering people a free consultation so you (or someone on your team) can have a 1-on-1 conversation and discover what people are looking for to see if it’s a good match.

We recommend you even consider sticking with this model of offering a 1-on-1 conversation during your virtual event as you become more sophisticated, because you’ll have a much higher percentage of people saying Yes.

Virtual Events

The third way you will get to a Yes Moment is speaking live and in-person in front of a group of people. And we don’t mean standing up at a networking event and sharing what you do. We mean delivering a connected talk where you make an offer for a paid package or program.

Many people start feeling nervous when I mention speaking to get clients, because they envision speaking in front of hundreds of people. But you can start your speaking career by speaking to small groups of ten people.

If speaking to a group makes you nervous, we imagine that speaking to a group and making an offer makes your palms sweat.

This is why we recommend you start by offering a Free or Low Cost Consultation. When you offer something Free or Low Cost, it can feel like you’re offering people a gift.

When you’re speaking you have the opportunity to make an offer. An offer for somebody to continue to work with you and if you wanted to go ahead and do a paid offer you can. Most people start doing something free. Again the free consultation is a really great way to get started.

Which Way is Your Way?

Now it’s your turn to choose which of these 3 ways will be your main way to get to that Yes Moment?

If you love the intimacy of a 1-on-1 conversation, then choosing the 1-on-1 method is an obvious choice.

If you envision yourself having a big impact and want to reach people globally, you may want to choose Virtual Events.

And if you love being in front of groups and prefer the dynamic magic that happens when speaking to a group of people, you may want to choose speaking.

Can you choose more than one?

You can absolutely choose more than one. We recommend gaining mastery with the Get Clients Free Consultation Formula before venturing into the other two methods. And when you do venture into Virtual Events and Speaking, start with an offer for a Free or Low-Cost Consultation.

Once you choose which of the 3 methods you want to use to arrive at those Yes Moments, it’s time to get crystal clear on how many people you need to get to your Consults, your Virtual Events or your Speaking gigs.

In order to know how many people you need to get to your Yes Moment Method, you have to track the percentage of people who say Yes during your method.

For example, if you know that 40% of the people that do a consultation with you say Yes, then you can work backwards and do the math to figure out how many consults you need to give.

Once you have that number, it’s time to determine your strategies for getting in front of enough people. And now you can create a Client Attraction Plan.

What’s Next?

In our next article, you’ll discover the “3 Thrive Game Changers,” that allow you to not have to work so hard when it comes to attracting clients. Stay tuned.

Until next time, remember that your work matters. Your voice matters. And Your People are Waiting for You!

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