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Do You Really Need a Niche?

In these current times, it’s more important than ever to have a clear niche
(and even revisit to update for Covid-19)

Whether or not you already have a clear niche, it’s a good time to revisit because the world has changed overnight.

Let’s make sure you’re positioned as “need to have” instead of “nice to have” during the pandemic lockdown.

This video was created before the pandemic so we don’t get into the specifics of how to pivot your niche…


Below this video, you can also get our recently “updated for COVID-19” Niche Decoder with current information on what niches our clients are having the most success with right now.

This will give you some creative ideas about how to reposition your niche or slightly pivot the way you talk about what you do right now.

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Need to Find Your Niche?

If you’re a Coach or Holistic Practitioner and you’re ready to find your niche (or refine it), this quick worksheet will help you create a client attracting niche…

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