Client Attraction Summit

“Can One Weekend Change Your Ability to Attract More Clients Forever?”

Many people dream of changing the world, but can’t seem to get enough clients to live the lifestyle they deeply desire.  This can be extremely discouraging when you feel like you’re failing to reach the people who truly need your gifts.

If you are ready to finally attract the clients (and the money) that you deserve, then it’s important to know that attracting clients is a skill that can be learned. And if you want to stay in business, it’s the most important thing to focus on.

The Client Attraction Summit was designed to give you the skills, confidence and inspiration to attract more clients, make more money and a have a much greater impact in the world.

During the Client Attraction Summit, you will discover how to:

  • Create an inspiring vision that magnetizes your ideal clients
  • Free yourself from unconscious beliefs that keep you from true success
  • Discover the 5 Elements that allow your ideal clients to talk themselves into working with you (if it’s a good match)
  • Create an answer to the question, “What do you do?” so your ideal clients want to work with you and refer their friends to you
  • Stop devaluing yourself and confidently share how much you charge (over 95% of attendees raise their fees)
  • Turn “I can’t afford it” into “YES!” (over half the time)
  • • Discover the 5 Leverage Strategies to work less, make more, and help more people
  • Learn how our members are speaking to groups, transforming the planet and collectively making millions of dollars
Thousands of people from all over the world have attended the Client Attraction Summit. The feedback is consistent: “Powerful.  Essential.  Life-changing.  Inspiring.” 98% of the people who complete this weekend say that they would highly recommend this event to a friend

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What people are saying about the Client Attraction Summit:

“We attended the Client Attraction Summit  less than a year ago with zero clients and we are at six figures already...”

Mark Holland, Wealth Coach

“This was the BEST event I have ever attended (and I’ve attended a LOT of events).  My life and business will never be the same."

Jodee Chizever, Intuitive Counselor

“When I attended the Client Attraction Summit I only had 5-6 clients and none of them were paying my full rate. I felt so confident and aligned after the weekend, I attracted 7 new clients almost effortlessly, and I was able to stand in my value and charge my full rate!  A year later, I had 44 coaching clients. Now I refer all my friends to the Client Attraction Summit, and like me, they come back raving about it.”

Jessica Colp, Life Coach

“At the Client Attraction Summit,  I tapped into a bigger vision for myself, one where I could change the planet... Now, my vision is becoming a reality.  In just over a year I published a book, I am now sought out to speak and I’m already positioned as an expert in my field.” 

Adam Timm, ZenLife Services

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